Overview of the functions and uses of bladder type accumulators(2)

Category 3: Eliminating pulsation and reducing noise. For hydraulic systems that use a plunger pump with fewer plungers, periodic changes in pump flow can cause vibrations in the system. Installing an energy accumulator can absorb a large amount of energy from pulsating pressure and flow, within a cycle of flow pulsation. The portion of the oil with an instantaneous flow rate higher than the average flow rate is absorbed by the accumulator, while the portion with a flow rate lower than the average flow rate is replenished by the accumulator. This absorbs the energy in the pulsation, reduces pulsation, and reduces the risk of damage to sensitive instruments and equipment.

Fourth category: energy recovery. The use of energy accumulators to recover energy is currently a field of extensive research. Energy recovery can improve energy utilization efficiency and is an important way to save energy. Accumulators can be used to recover various functional and positional potential energy due to their ability to temporarily store energy. The main research in this area includes: ① recovering vehicle braking energy; ② Reclaiming the potential energy of the boom mechanism of construction machinery; ③ Recover the braking energy of the hydraulic excavator turntable; ④ Recovering the gravitational potential energy of falling oil workover rigs and drilling rig pipes; ⑤ Retrieve the downward gravitational potential energy of the elevator.