Accumulator function

Accumulator has many functions,it can be divided into four categories: storing energy, recovering energy, reducing noise and absorb hydraulic shock.

Class I: stored energy

① As an auxiliary power source to reduce the installed capacity;

② Compensate for leakage;

③ Thermal expansion compensation;

④ As emergency power source;

⑤ Constitute a constant pressure oil source.

Category II: energy recovery

Energy recovery with accumulator is a research field at present. Energy recovery can improve energy utilization . Because the accumulator can temporarily store energy, so it can recover a variety of functional and positional potential energy.

Class III: reduce noise

The sudden reversing of directional valve and the sudden stop of actuator movement will produce pressure impact in the hydraulic system, make the system pressure rise rapidly in a short time, cause damage to instruments, components and sealing devices, and produce vibration and noise.

Category IV: absorb hydraulic shock

For the hydraulic system with plunger pump and less plunger, the periodic change of pump flow makes the system vibrate. An accumulator can absorb a large amount of energy in fluctuating pressure and flow.

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