Classification of accumulators (I)

There are three types of accumulators: inflatable, heavy hammer and spring.

Inflatable accumulator

Inflatable accumulator uses the compression and expansion of gas to store and release energy. For safety’s sake. The gas filled is generally inert gas (nitrogen). In an inflatable accumulator. The most widely used are piston and airbag accumulators.

(1) piston accumulator

Compressed gas fills the upper edge of the piston. The lower part is pressure oil. Pressure oil enters from the lower oil inlet a. Push the piston. The gas in the upper chamber of the compression piston stores energy. When the system pressure is lower than the pressure in the accumulator. The gas pushes the piston. Release the pressure oil. Meet the needs of the system.

The accumulator has the advantages of simple structure, easy installation, convenient maintenance and long service life.

The disadvantage is that when the piston moves. Inertia and friction. Not responsive enough. It is not suitable for absorbing pulsation and mitigating hydraulic impact.

In addition. There are sealing performance requirements between cylinder barrel and piston. After the seal is worn, the gas and liquid will mix. Affect the working stability of the system.

piston accumulator

(2) Air bag accumulator

Install airbag 3 on the upper part of housing 2. Fill the air bag with nitrogen by inflation valve 1.

Close charging valve 1 when the accumulator is working. Limit valve 4 is on the lower side of housing 2. It allows oil to enter the accumulator through the valve. It can also prevent the airbag from expanding out of the housing and damaging when all the oil is discharged.

At work. The pressure oil pushes open the mushroom limit valve 4 from the lower inlet and enters the accumulator compression air bag. Compressed gas can store energy. When the system pressure is lower than the accumulator pressure. Airbag expansion pressure oil output. The accumulator releases energy.

Characteristics of bladder accumulator: the bladder has small inertia, sensitive response, can absorb rapid pressure impact and pulsation, small volume, light weight and convenient installation. It is the most widely used accumulator at present. Series mass production has been formed.

Air bag accumulator

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