Advantages of a bladder type accumulator

Advantages of a bladder type accumulator:

  1. The skin bag (capsule) has small inertia and sensitive response, making it suitable for eliminating pulsation;
  2. The leather bag separates the oil and gas, and the oil and gas will not mix (without rupture);
  3. Easy maintenance, few auxiliary equipment, easy installation, and convenient inflation.


  1. The service life of leather bags is usually not as long as the service life of (piston type) seals, and the quality of leather bags varies greatly among different brands;
  2. There are many factors that can cause the rupture of the skin bag, including differences in the quality and lifespan of the skin bag itself, improper operation of various steps in the assembly of the skin bag, improper operation of various steps in pre inflation, calculation errors in pre inflation pressure, large temperature changes (including seasonal temperature differences), long-term lateral vibration and shaking, fluid corrosion, inertial impact of small solid impurities in the medium, and so on;

When the leather bag ruptures, it may cause sudden failure of the accumulator, and sudden or short-term mixing of oil and gas may lead to system accidents;

  1. The skin bag cannot be made too large, otherwise it will affect the lifespan of the skin bag. The maximum size according to ASME standards is generally 60 liters, while in Europe, it is mostly 50 liters;
  2. The working pressure shall not be too high. The highest (3 times or less Factor of safety) in China is generally 31.5Mpa, and the Tuobu bladder accumulator (4 times of Factor of safety) is 51.8Mpa;
  3. Due to design and processing quality reasons, when rapidly releasing oil, many brands of bladder type accumulators have bacterial valves that close in advance, resulting in sudden partial failure of the accumulators;
  4. Due to the rubber material of the leather bag, its strength is not high and it cannot withstand significant pressure fluctuations (pay attention to the compression ratio of the leather bag). Excessive fluctuations can greatly reduce the lifespan of the leather bag; So at the same time, bladder type accumulators are generally not suitable for use with connected gas cylinders or gas cylinder groups.