Application Fields of Energy Accumulators

An energy accumulator is a device that can store energy, usually used to balance the difference between energy supply and demand, in response to instantaneous or emergency energy needs. They have a wide range of applications, including the following main areas:

Hydraulic system: Accumulators are commonly used in hydraulic systems to store hydraulic energy to supply instantaneous high-pressure demands. They can balance the power fluctuations of the hydraulic system and provide additional energy to perform quick starts, emergency braking, and temporary power increase operations. For example, accumulators are often used in engineering machinery, automotive braking systems, and punch presses.

Renewable energy systems: In unstable renewable energy systems such as solar and wind energy, energy accumulators are used to store excess energy for power supply during cloud cover or low wind speeds. This helps to balance the power grid and ensure stable energy supply.

Aircraft system: In an aircraft, an accumulator is used to store excess power from the aircraft engine to provide additional thrust when needed, such as during takeoff and climb. This helps improve aircraft performance and fuel efficiency.

Urban transportation system: Energy storage devices can be used in electric buses, electric trains, and electric rail transit systems to store braking energy and release it when needed. This helps to reduce energy waste and improve the efficiency of transportation systems.

Industrial automation: Accumulators can be used in industrial automation systems to cope with peak demand and emergency shutdowns of equipment. They can provide instantaneous power support to ensure continuous production.

Medical equipment: In medical equipment, accumulators can be used to provide emergency power support to ensure the reliable operation of critical equipment, such as operating room equipment and life support systems.

Deep sea exploration and subsea equipment: In deep sea and subsea equipment, energy accumulators can store energy to support equipment operation and data transmission, without being limited by cable length and energy supply.

Emergency backup power supply: Accumulators can also serve as backup power sources to provide temporary power support to maintain the operation of equipment or systems, such as computer servers, communication equipment, and emergency lighting systems.

In summary, energy accumulators have wide applications in many fields, which can be used to store and release energy in response to changes in energy demand in different fields. These applications help improve energy efficiency, system reliability, and performance.