Application of accumulator in hydraulic clamping system of machine tool(1)

At present, the hydraulic clamping system is widely use in the machine tool industry. It is recognized by users for its large clamping force, convenient operation and easy automation with electrical appliances.

However, in order to maintain the constant pressure of the system and make the pump and motor run for a long time.The general tightening system not only wastes valuable energy and increases the heating of the system. But also greatly reduces the service life of hydraulic components.

As a hydraulic accessory, with the improvement of manufacturing technology. Accumulator is more and more widely used in machine tool hydraulic system. Therefore, in the hydraulic design of machine tool. The accumulator is use in the hydraulic clamping system, which has received good results.

(1) The accumulator is used in the working process of the hydraulic clamping system

As shown in Figure 6-1, when clamping is require. Section 1 and 1 are start, and hydraulic pump 2 starts to work. Part of the pressure oil enters clamping cylinder 10 and the other part enters accumulator 8 for storage.

As the pressure rises, when the upper limit of the system service pressure is reach. The pressure relay 6 sends a signal to stop the motor and hydraulic pump through electrical control. At this time, the pressure of the system is maintain by the accumulator.

With the leakage of the system, when the pressure drops to the lower limit of the pressure relay. The pressure relay sends a signal to start the motor and pump to supplement the oil pressure. The time from the stop of the hydraulic pump to the restart depends on the number of clamping cylinders in the system and the leakage of the system.

According to experience. If the leakage of the system is well controll, the interval can be up to 2 ~ 3 hours. In this way, the running time of motor and pump is reduce to a great extent. The heating of the system is reduce, and the service life of each component will be increase.

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