Application of accumulator in hydraulic clamping system of machine tool(2)

(2) Selection of accumulator types and parameters

Accumulators can be divided into three categories: gravity loaded, spring loaded and gas loaded. Gravity accumulator uses the potential energy of the hammer to store energy. The pressure generated by this accumulator depends on the weight of the hammer and the area of the plunger. Spring loaded accumulator uses spring compression energy to store energy. The generation of this kind of accumulator depends on the stiffness and compression of the spring. The working principle of gas loaded accumulator is based on Boyle’s law.

When in use, first charge the accumulator with air or nitrogen at a predetermined pressure, and then under the action of the pressure of the hydraulic pump, make the oil enter the accumulator through the oil hole to compress the air bag. The pressure of the air chamber and the oil chamber is always equal, so as to make the air bag in a floating equilibrium state. When the system needs oil, the oil will be discharg under the action of gas pressure. When the system discharges excess high-pressure liquid, it is also story in the accumulator by compressing the gas in it.

The total volume of the accumulator is the inflation volume. It is very important to correctly select the total volume of the accumulator. The capacity is too small to meet the working requirements of the system. If the capacity is too large, the weight and size of the system will be increas.

(3) Benefits of adding accumulator to hydraulic clamping system

After adding accumulator, the following benefits will brought to the system;

① It can partially absorb the pulsation of the hydraulic pump and reduce the noise;

② Reduce the hydraulic impact caused by the end-to-end of the oil cylinder or the reversing of the directional valve;

③ It can compensate the hydraulic change caused by the change of oil temperature;

④ When the pump or motor fails, the clamping work can still be complet for a long time.

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