Principle, advantages, disadvantages and application of bladder accumulator

Principle of bladder accumulator:

It uses the compressibility of gas to save energy, that is, fill gas (generally nitrogen) into the interior of the leather bag and surround it with hydraulic oil. When the hydraulic oil increases, the leather bag will deform under pressure and the gas volume will shrink. If the gas expands, it indicates that the stored energy release.

Advantages of bladder accumulator:

The leather bag can effectively isolate oil and gas. It is convenient to restart, easy to install, sensitive and simple to maintain.

Disadvantages of bladder accumulator:

Its service life is shorter than that of the piston type. The volume of the leather bag is limited. So it can’t make too large and can’t bear a lot of pressure. Once the leather bag is broken, it will lead to the sudden failure of the accumulator.

Purpose of bladder accumulator:

  1. As pressure compensation, temperature compensation and leakage compensation of hydraulic circuit
  2. Vehicle suspension system
  3. It can use as a buffer for impact
  4. Buffering pulsation of piston pump
  5. Absorb water hammer and fluctuating impact pressure (impact buffer)

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