Bladder accumulator

1、Bladder accumulator structure:

The shell of bladder accumulator adopts seamless steel pipe. Hot spinning turns both ends into hemispheres. The middle section is a cylinder structure.

Pear shaped capsules are installed in the accumulator shell. The inflatable valve seat is connected with the capsule. Fixed at the small opening end of the shell with a round nut. Then install the standard qxf-5 inflation valve on the valve seat. Install the oil inlet valve at the large port end of the other end of the housing.

The oil inlet valve is equipped with a spring-loaded mushroom valve. It can prevent the capsule from being extruded. And damaged when the capsule is inflated or the hydraulic oil (liquid) in the accumulator is completely discharged.

During operation, the mushroom valve is opened under the action of spring.And the hydraulic oil (liquid) can enter and exit.


2、 Working principle:

The accumulator shell is divided into two chambers by a capsule. The chamber inside the capsule is filled with nitrogen and the chamber outside the capsule is filled with liquid.

When the liquid pump fills the high-pressure hydraulic oil (liquid). It deforms, and the gas volume decreases with the increase of pressure. So the liquid can be stored.

When the hydraulic system needs pressure oil (liquid) supplement. And its pressure is lower than the pressure of the hydraulic oil (liquid) stored in the accumulator. The hydraulic oil (liquid) is discharged into the hydraulic system. Through the oil inlet valve under the promotion of gas expansion pressure. Until the pressure drops to the same level as the pressure in the system.

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