Classification of accumulator (Ⅱ)

a.Heavy hammer accumulator

It uses the position change of heavy objects to store and release energy. The weight 1 acts on the hydraulic oil 3 hrough the piston 2. Put pressure on it. When it comes to storing energy. The fluid enters the accumulator through the check valve from hole a. Push the weight up through the plunger. When releasing energy. The plunger lowers with the weight. The fluid is output from the B hole.

This kind of accumulator is characterized by. The structure is simple. The pressure is stable. Large volume. Bulky. Great inertia of motion. The reaction is insensitive. The sealing part is easy to leak oil. There is friction loss.

At present, only a few large fixed equipment are used.

Heavy hammer accumulator

b.Spring accumulator

It uses the expansion and contraction of the spring to store and release energy. The force of spring 1 acts on hydraulic oil 3 through piston 2. The pressure of the hydraulic oil depends on the preload of the spring and the area of the piston. Because the spring force will change when the spring expands and contracts. The resulting oil pressure will also change. To reduce this change. The stiffness of general spring shall not be too large. The stroke of the spring shall not be too large. This limits the working pressure of this accumulator.

The accumulator has the advantages of simple structure. Small size. The reaction is sensitive. It is only used for energy storage and buffer in small capacity and low-voltage system.

Spring accumulator

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