Conventional inflation method for accumulators

General can be used according to the accumulator use instructions and the method that the equipment uses the instruction to introduce the method to carry on.Use the inflatable tool to fill the accumulator with nitrogen.

Accumulator charging before accumulator inlet slightly up, about 1/10 of the hydraulic oil into the shell volume, so that lubrication, connect one end of the pneumatic tools on the accumulator charging valve, the other end connected with nitrogen gas bottle.

To dropoff cut-off valve, adjust its exports, pressure to 0.05-0.1 MPa, rotate the handles on the pneumatic tools, slowly open the charging valve core, slowly nitrogen, will slowly opened the assembly of the folded airbags, make the balloon expands gradually, until the poppet valve is closed. At this point, the aeration velocity can be accelerated and the required charge pressure is reached. Do not inflate the air into the airbag at once to avoid inflating the air balloon during the inflating process. If the accumulator air pressure is high, the charging system should be equipped with a supercharger.

At this point, the other end of the inflatable tool is connected to the supercharger. Air temperature is reduced, in the process of air after completion, and achieve the required pressure should be about 20 min, temperature stability, such as measuring inflation pressure again, and make the necessary corrections, and then close the charging valve, unload pneumatic tools.

The accumulator is to be tested after aeration 24 hours, the normal work in the future also needs to check regularly, check whether the accumulator leak gas.