Common faults and treatment methods of bladder accumulator

It is inevitable to encounter some faults when using leather bag accumulator. Today, I have sorted out some common faults and fault handling methods for you, hoping to be helpful to you.

The use cycle of the skin bag is short

The reasons for the short service life of the leather bag include the poor quality of the leather bag itself, the infiltration of waste, the compatibility between the materials used and the material of the leather bag, and the mismatch between the nominal solvent and pressure of the accumulator and the leather bag.

In order to prolong the service life of the leather bag, we need to select a high-quality leather bag and install it correctly to avoid collision with the accumulator bacterial valve during the operation of the leather bag.

Air leakage

The product is easy to loose the valve core and reduce the tightness of the sealing cone due to vibration during operation, resulting in air leakage. In addition, air leakage can also occur if there are grooves on the conical surface of the valve core.

We can strengthen the tightness of the sealing cone by adding a thick sealing ring inside the sealing cover of the charging valve. If the spring fails or the nut is loose, it is necessary to replace the spring and tighten the nut.

Poor pressure pulsation effect

In order to give full play to the digestion and absorption of pulsating pressure and reduce pressure pulsation, the connecting pipeline between the leather bag accumulator and the road branch point should be designed shorter, but the nominal diameter can be appropriately increased.

Accumulator failure

Air leakage of air valve or damage of leather bag will cause failure of leather bag accumulator. In addition, the accumulator is in relatively large operation, but the pressure is very low, which will also cause the failure of its energy storage function.

In view of this situation, we need to replace the leather bag again, repair the leaking air valve properly and keep it in a normal working environment.

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