Common faults and troubleshooting of NXQ (①)

Taking nxq leather bag accumulator as an example. The fault phenomena and troubleshooting methods of accumulator are explained. Which can be used as a reference for other types of accumulator.

(1) The pressure drop of bladder accumulator is serious. And air replenishment is often needed

For the bladder accumulator, the inflation valve of the bladder is in the form of one-way valve. Which is sealed by the sealing cone (as shown in the figure). When the accumulator is vibrated during operation. It may loosen the valve core and make the sealing cone 1 not close, resulting in air leakage. A groove is pulled on the conical surface of the valve core, or dirt is stuck on the conical surface, which may lead to air leakage. At this time, a hard rubber gasket 5 with a thickness of about 3mm can be padded into the sealing cover 4 of the inflation valve. And measures such as grinding the sealing cone to make it close can be taken.

In addition, if the nut 3 at the upper end of the valve core is loose. Or the spring 2 is broken or omitted, the nitrogen in the leather bag may be discharged immediately.

(2) Short service life of leather bag

The influencing factors include the quality of the skin bag, the compatibility between the working medium and the material of the skin bag; Or there is dirt mixed in; The nominal volume of M-type accumulator is not suitable (the flow rate at the oil port shall not exceed 7m / s); The oil temperature is too high or too low; Whether the reciprocating frequency exceeds 1 time / 10s when used for energy storage. If it exceeds, the service life begins to decline. If it exceeds 1 time / 3S, the service life decreases sharply; Whether the installation is good, whether the piping design is reasonable, etc.

In addition, in order to ensure that the accumulator can work reliably at the minimum working pressure, avoid the collision between the leather bag and the bacteria valve of the accumulator during the working process, and prolong the service life of the leather bag, P ₀ should generally be selected in the range of 0.75 ~ 0.91; In order to avoid the impact on the service life due to the excessive contraction and expansion of the skin bag during the working process, P ₀ > 25% P ₁, that is, P ₁ > 33% p̀is required.

(3) Accumulator inoperative

The main causes are that the air valve leaks seriously, there is no nitrogen in the leather bag, and the leather bag is damaged and the oil enters. In addition, when p ₀ > P ν, that is, the maximum working pressure is too low, the accumulator will completely lose its energy storage function (no energy can be stored).

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