Common faults and troubleshooting of NXQ (②)

(4) The effect of absorbing pressure pulsation is poor

In order to give better play to the absorption effect of the accumulator on the pulsating pressure. The connecting pipe between the accumulator and the branch point of the main pipeline should be short. The diameter should be appropriately larger. And should be installed near the pulsation source. Otherwise, the effect of eliminating the pressure pulsation will be poor, and the pressure pulsation may even be exacerbated.

(5) The stability of the flow released from the accumulator is poor

The instantaneous flow of accumulator charging and discharging liquid is a variable. Especially in the system with large capacity and large range of ∆ P = P ν – P ₁, subordinate measures can be taken to obtain relatively constant and large instantaneous flow;

① Add flow control between accumulator and actuator;

② Several accumulators with smaller capacity are connected in parallel to replace one large capacity accumulator. And several accumulators with smaller capacity adopt different charging pressures;

③ Reduce the working pressure range ∆ P as far as possible. Or appropriately increase the structural volume (nominal volume) of the accumulator;

④ Sufficient liquid filling time shall be arranged in a working cycle to reduce the internal leakage of other parts of the system during liquid filling. So that the internal leakage of other parts of the system during liquid filling. So as to ensure that the pressure of the accumulator can rise rapidly to P ν during liquid filling. And then release energy.

(6) Phenomenon of fuel injection in oil tank

In actual operation, sometimes fuel injection in the oil tank is encountered. This is because the accumulator air bag is broken under pressure. And a large number of bubbles enter the oil, which increases the compressibility of the oil. Because the hydraulic pressure suddenly decreases from high pressure to low pressure, the oil flowing back to the oil tank expands sharply in the tank. And the pressure in the oil tank is higher than the atmospheric pressure, so that the oil is discharged from the vent hole together with air, As a result, fuel injection occurs.

When the accumulator is suspected of failure, first check the nitrogen charging pressure of the accumulator.

In addition, if the nitrogen charging pressure is too high, it will also be abnormal. Because at this time, the oil stored in the accumulator is too small to meet the consumption of the oil cylinder and can not work normally.

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