Energy recovery of accumulator(1)

With the acceleration of industrialization and the increasing demand for energy, oil resources are facing the crisis of depletion. Automobile energy saving has become a global hot issue. New power transmission systems are being develop and use at home and abroad to improve equipment economy and power. Reduce energy consumption and protect the ecological environment.

Energy recovery with accumulator can improve the utilization rate of energy and is an important way of energy saving. Because the accumulator can temporarily store energy. It can be use to recover a variety of kinetic energy and position potential energy. Specific applications include recovery of vehicle braking energy, recovery of potential energy of boom mechanism of engineering machinery, recovery of braking energy of hydraulic excavator turntable, recovery of gravity potential energy of oil workover rig and drilling rig pipe falling, recovery of gravity potential energy of elevator descending, etc.

For example, hydraulic elevator is a kind of mechanical equipment widely use in municipal engineering, construction, installation, storage, cargo transportation. And factory production engineering (various elevators are used as transportation and positioning tools in working occasions such as casting, welding, spraying, handling and assembly). The driving device of larger elevator generally adopts hydraulic cylinder. Which is determin by its structural principle and working characteristics. When the lift worktable carries the workpiece up. The hydraulic cylinder is requiry to provide driving force, that is. The hydraulic cylinder outputs energy to convert mechanical (hydraulic) energy into potential energy; The potential energy will be release when the work piece carriy by the lift table falls.

If this potential energy can not be effectively recycle. It will cause a waste of energy. This kind of energy waste is not serious for small elevators, but it is very severe for machines with large load and lifting height and need to work frequently. For such machines, energy storage devices should be design in their hydraulic system to store. The potential energy released during the descent of the elevator and reuse it when rising. So as to reduce the consumption of useless work and improve the utilization efficiency of energy. At the same time, it can make the system run smoothly, work reliably and safely.

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