Energy recovery of accumulator(2)

For urban vehicles, frequent starting, acceleration and braking are requiry. Low speed, high fuel consumption, serious emission pollution and noise are common problems of urban vehicles. The brake acts frequently, causing unnecessary consumption of energy. If the energy consumed by the brake can be recovere and release when the vehicle starts, it is undoubtedly an effective way to improve the energy utilization rate and improve the vehicle emission performance.

For construction machinery, hydraulic equipment will produce great energy loss during operation. The use of accumulator can save energy, reduce energy loss and improve transmission efficiency. The function of the accumulator is: in the braking process, the pump / motor supplies oil to the accumulator under the working condition of pump to recover the braking energy and form the braking torque. The magnitude of the braking torque can be controll by changing the displacement of the pump / motor.

When restarting, the story braking energy is release by the accumulator. And the wheels driven separately by the pump / motor.

When the machine reaches a certain speed after starting, it driven by the engine;

When the output power of the engine is greater than the power requiry to drive the wheels. The excess energy input into the accumulator for storage;

When the torque of the engine is less than the power required to drive the wheel, the accumulator releases energy to increase the torque of the driving wheel.

The main advantage of adding accumulator is to absorb or supplement the output torque of the engine, make the engine always work under the working condition with the highest efficiency, recover and utilize the braking energy, and greatly reduce the fuel consumption caused by frequent starting and braking during machine driving.

The figure shows the oil motor starting system of diesel engine, in which an accumulator set. When starting, pull the two position two-way manual directional valve. And the accumulator oil supply drives the motor to drive the diesel engine to start. After starting the diesel engine, loosen the manual directional valve. Cut off the circuit to the motor, and the oil pump fills the accumulator for reuse. The manual oil pump in the figure is use to make up oil after the accumulator leaks.

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