Ensure that the accumulator operates correctly during use

If an accumulator malfunctions during use, it will directly lead to a decrease in its operational effectiveness, thereby affecting its functionality and thus affecting the progress of related work. Therefore, it is important to avoid equipment malfunctions during use and maintain good operating conditions, especially in order to ensure that the equipment can always operate correctly:

Good quality assurance: The unreliable quality of the accumulator will inevitably affect its normal operation and use, resulting in its inability to achieve good performance in functional and other applications. Therefore, to ensure that the practical functions of the equipment always work correctly, it is necessary for everyone to ensure the quality of the purchased equipment and ensure its ability to optimize operation.

Ensure nitrogen filling: The accumulator is filled with nitrogen by manually filling with oxygen or combustible gas, which may cause explosion. Therefore, in order to ensure the normal operation of the equipment and achieve optimized application, we remind everyone to pay attention to ensuring that the equipment is filled with nitrogen.

Guaranteed load: In order to avoid excessive load and significant adverse effects on the accumulator, which may affect its operation and functional performance and prevent it from working properly, we remind everyone to pay attention to ensuring that the load meets the requirements during use and avoid overloading.