Fault Analysis and Troubleshooting of Airbag Accumulator(1)

Airbag type energy storage devices are not only compact in size, but also sensitive in response, making them one of the most commonly used energy storage devices. When using this energy storage device, many friends often do not know what to do when encountering malfunctions. Today we will introduce the common faults of the energy storage equipment, analyze them, and provide methods for troubleshooting.

  1. Severe pressure drop, requiring frequent air replenishment

The bladder inflation valve of airbag energy accumulators is generally a one-way valve that relies on sealing the conical surface to achieve sealing effect. When the energy storage equipment is subjected to vibration during operation, it is easy to cause the valve core to loosen, resulting in a decrease in the tightness of the sealed conical surface and causing air leakage.

If there are grooves or dirt on the conical surface of the valve core, it may lead to air leakage. For this situation, a thick hard rubber pad can be inserted into the sealing cover of the inflation valve. The thickness of the hard rubber pad is about 3mm, and the sealing cone surface can be polished to make it more sealed.

In addition, loose nuts, broken springs, or missing springs at the upper end of the valve core can also cause nitrogen to leak out quickly. Therefore, it is necessary to tighten the nuts to ensure that the springs are securely installed.

  1. The service life of leather bags is greatly shortened

There are many reasons for the shortened service life of leather bags, such as poor quality of the bag itself, compatibility between the working medium used and the material of the bag, contamination mixing inside, mismatched nominal capacity of the selected energy storage equipment, inadequate installation, and unreasonable piping design.

To improve the working life of leather bags, it is necessary to first purchase high-quality leather bags that match the nominal capacity of the energy storage equipment. Secondly, they should be installed in place. During use, in order to avoid excessive expansion and contraction of the leather bags, the inflation pressure should be within a reasonable range.