Fault Analysis and Troubleshooting of Airbag Accumulator(2)

  1. Unable to store energy

The main reason why energy storage equipment cannot perform the function of energy storage is that the air valve leaks seriously, there is no nitrogen inside the leather bag, or the leather bag is damaged, resulting in oil leakage. In addition, if p0 ≥ p2, that is to say, when the working pressure is too low, the energy storage equipment cannot store enough energy.

To troubleshoot this problem, it is necessary to check the airtightness of the air valve. If air leakage is found, sealing should be strengthened and nitrogen should be added. If there is oil leakage at the air valve, the leather bag may have ruptured and a new leather bag needs to be replaced.

If p0 ≥ p2, then the inflation pressure should be appropriately reduced, or the working pressure should be increased according to the actual load needs.

  1. The effect of absorbing pressure pulsation is relatively poor

To better utilize the absorption of pulsating pressure by energy storage equipment, it is required that the connecting pipeline between the equipment and the main pipeline branch point be slightly shorter, but the diameter needs to be larger, and it needs to be installed near the pulsation source. If not installed in this way, the equipment’s effect of absorbing pressure pulsation will be relatively poor, and in severe cases, it may even increase pressure pulsation.

  1. The released flow is unstable

The instantaneous flow rate of energy storage equipment during liquid charging and discharging is a variable, especially in systems with large capacity. The variable of instantaneous flow rate also increases. In order to obtain a relatively stable instantaneous flow rate, a flow control element can be installed between the energy storage equipment and the actuator, or several small capacity energy storage equipment can be used to replace a large capacity energy storage equipment, The inflation pressure of small capacity energy storage equipment is set to different levels.

Of course, in actual use, there are various types of malfunctions that occur with airbag accumulators. If a malfunction occurs, it cannot be resolved by oneself and professional assistance is needed to solve it.