FLOWFORCE CO., LTD. from South Korea Visited and Inspected Zhuolu High Pressure Vessel Co., Ltd

On April 13, 2023, a South Korean FLOWFORCE CO., LTD. client visited Zhuolu High Pressure Vessel Co., Ltd. for inspection.

FLOWFORCE CO., LTD. has been a strategic partner of our company for many years and has visited the factory multiple times to discuss cooperation.

This is the first time a customer has come to Zhuolu after the relocation of Zhuolu high-pressure vessels to a new factory. After visiting the new factory, the person in charge of FLOWFORCE CO., LTD. expressed shock at the significant changes in Zhuolu high-pressure vessels. They highly praised the production, technology, and factory appearance of the relocated Zhuolu high-pressure vessels, and confirmed the addition of new orders on site.

The customer’s visit to the factory has further increased cooperation and communication between both parties, consolidating their strategic cooperation.