Function and application of hydraulic accumulator

Accumulator is a pressure vessel to store and release energy. Its main functions include: energy storage, power source, auxiliary energy, shock absorption, pulsation elimination, weight balance, auxiliary safety oil source, liquid gas separation and transmission, etc. Now the popular accumulator mainly has three forms: air bag type, diaphragm type and piston type; Different accumulators should be selected according to different uses. Air bag type and diaphragm type accumulators have fast reaction speed and good effect in eliminating pulsation and impact. Piston type accumulators are progressive in failure mode and can be used as auxiliary safety oil source. In these two cases, they cannot be mixed.

1 Application in the field of wind power: accumulator converts wind energy into hydraulic energy, and uses hydraulic accumulator to store wind energy. The function of accumulator is to store energy.
Similar applications: hydraulic excavator boom down with accumulator will be potential energy into pressure energy, energy recovery, to achieve the purpose of energy saving. Accumulator is also used in wind turbine blade direction control and windmill braking system.

2 Application of UAV catapult: as the power source of UAV hydraulic catapult device, hydraulic accumulator provides power for UAV catapult takeoff. The hydraulic ejection take-off device with accumulator has small volume. It has good mobility and flexibility. Similar application: tilting hydraulic system of steelmaking furnace in steel plant. Accumulator function: power source.

  1. Special device for ground simulation flight: 6-DOF motion platform. When the actuating cylinder starts up instantaneously, it provides large flow. Accumulator function: auxiliary energy. Similar applications: injection molding machine and die casting machine applications, accumulator can supplement the lack of instantaneous flow of hydraulic pump, improve the speed of injection cylinder, so it can reduce pump flow and save energy.

3.Application in the field of construction machinery: the small black tank in the upper left corner is a diaphragm accumulator. Its function is to eliminate pulsation. The accumulator with small inertia and sensitive response should be installed as close to the impact place as possible.
Similar applications: the capsule in the accumulator is filled with gas, which can act as a gas spring, and absorb the mechanical vibration from the driving and suspension systems of automobiles, hoists, mobile cranes, so as to maintain the stability of vehicles. The liquid discharged from the hydraulic pump has a large pulsation, which will make the hydraulic system produce noise, vibration and damage the stability of the system; Using accumulator at the outlet of hydraulic pump can effectively attenuate the pulsation and make the device work smoothly, which is very important in precision equipment.

4 grab machine, engineering machinery steering and braking application: to ensure that accidents can also be safe operation, role: security. The piston accumulator should be equipped instead of the air bag accumulator, because the instant failure of the air bag accumulator will cause serious accidents. Accumulator parallel connection is used in special important occasions.

6.Machine tool industry application: use accumulator to balance the weight of machinery. Function: balance weight.
7 liquid or liquid gas separation transmission: the energy transmission between two incompatible liquids or liquid and gas can be realized by using accumulator, so as to carry out isolated transmission. Similar application: servo system fuel tank or air bag for sealing fuel tank.