How to choose an accumulator in a hydraulic system?

The hydraulic system plays an important role in the entire equipment, and caution should be exercised when selecting an accumulator for it. Today, the technical personnel of Asahi Hydraulic are working together with everyone to calculate and analyze, select the appropriate type, and make the energy storage equipment in the hydraulic system more in line with the usage requirements.

In hydraulic systems, the use of energy storage equipment can effectively stabilize the hydraulic pressure within the rated range. When the hydraulic system is working normally, the load is in an intermittent state, and the required flow rate is relatively small. Once the energy storage equipment is put into use, the hydraulic system can be provided with oil in a timely manner. The hydraulic pump can also receive fluid replenishment in a timely manner. By using a low-power oil pump motor set, the normal operation of the hydraulic system can be maintained.

Even in special working conditions, when the load is large and the flow rate is high, the energy storage equipment and hydraulic pump can simultaneously supply fluid to ensure the operation of the hydraulic system. When the load is not working, the energy storage equipment can maintain the set pressure, helping the hydraulic system achieve energy-saving goals.

There are many types of energy storage devices on the market, and it is important to distinguish them when selecting them. According to different loading methods, it can be roughly divided into three types: gravity loading, spring loading, and gas loading.

The gas loading type can be separately divided into non isolated and isolated types. Since there is an isolation piece between gas and liquid in the isolation type, the gas is not easy to mix with oil when working again, and the Compressibility of gas can be well used, so the isolation type will be used in many hydraulic systems.

According to the different structures, the isolation type can be divided into leather bag type and piston type. In the hydraulic system, either the leather bag type or the piston type can be selected. But both have their own advantages and disadvantages. However, compared to similar products, the bladder type not only has a simple structure and reliable performance, but also is easy to install and maintain. Therefore, choosing a bladder type accumulator in hydraulic systems is more suitable.