Inspection of Accumulator Inflation Pressure(2)

⑤ On some units, a pressure sensor is installed on the charging valve of the more important accumulator to monitor the charging pressure of the accumulator in real-time.

In addition to regularly checking the charging pressure of the accumulator, if any of the following phenomena are found during operation and maintenance, the charging pressure of the accumulator should be checked,accumulator bladder cost.

① In the absence of action by the actuator, the hydraulic pump operates frequently.

② The small stroke actuator automatically starts the hydraulic pump once per action, and each start time is very short.

③ When testing the start stop pressure of the pump, the difference between the start pressure and stop pressure of the pump is very large, far exceeding the specified value, and the pressure rises quickly during the operation of the pump.

④ The response speed of the actuator slows down,bladder accumulator hs code.

For accumulators with insufficient or zero pressure, they should be refilled to the specified pressure. For accumulators that cannot be refilled or whose gas overflows from the hydraulic system oil tank during inflation, their bladder or diaphragm has been damaged. parker bladder accumulator catalog pdf The bladder type accumulator can be used after replacing the leather bag, while the diaphragm type accumulator can only be replaced with a new one, and the service life of the diaphragm type accumulator is relatively short.