Introduction and Advantages of Accumulator Station

What is an accumulator station? What are the advantages of an accumulator station?

The accumulator station is composed of an accumulator (or accumulator group) with a gas cylinder group, and its advantages are:

  1. Effectively utilize the capacity of the energy accumulator to reduce the cost of the entire system, thereby saving the total cost;

2.Compared to using all accumulators, the internal structure of the gas cylinder group is simpler, making the system more stable and maintenance simpler and more convenient;

  1. Because the accumulator in the accumulator station uses a piston type accumulator, its service life is longer than that of a leather bag accumulator, and maintenance is more convenient;
  2. Due to the fact that most of the system’s volume is composed of gas cylinders, the cost is reduced. Therefore, piston type accumulators can be imported brands to improve the overall system’s lifespan and stability performance. The total cost is still equivalent to using all domestic bladder type accumulators.