Introduction of piston accumulator

Piston Accumulator is a device for storing fluid energy. It usually consists of a piston, a cylinder and a certain amount of fluid, can be used in a variety of engineering and industrial applications. Piston processors work by compressing a fluid, usually a fluid or gas, into air to store energy. When energy needs to be released, the compressed fluid body stored in the processor drives the piston to move, resulting in productivity. These energy storage devices are commonly used in hydraulic systems to balance pressure fluctuations, absorb shock loads, make up system leakage and provide auxiliary power and other functions. The design and application of piston loaders vary according to hardware requirements. Common types of package air compressors and hydraulic compressors. Gas compressor uses gas as energy storage introduction, oil pressure reclaimer uses liquid (usually oil) as energy storage medium. These loaders can be used in a variety of industrial applications, such as mechanical equipment, automotive engineering, aerospace, energy systems and hydraulic systems.