Introduction of three characteristics of diaphragm accumulator

Diaphragm accumulator, as its name suggests, is a kind of energy storage equipment. Compared with other types of accumulator, it adopts the principle of hydraulic and pneumatic. Do you know its three characteristics?

  1. Stable performance

Because the compensation circuit is added in the design of this kind of accumulator, it can effectively control the range of deviation. Ensure that the product has good stability when in use.

  1. High grade

Simple operation, high accuracy and long service life. It adopts built-in pressure production components and sets electronic switches. Some parameters can be set only by pressing the key.

  1. Easy to use

The mechanical and electrical connection is adopted to realize the contactless control system, which is convenient to operate and has a long service life.

The above is the introduction of the three characteristics of diaphragm accumulator. I hope you will have more understanding of the device after reading it.

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