Maintenance of accumulator(Ⅱ)

For piston accumulators.

The excessive inflation pressure makes the accumulator discharge at the lowest working pressure of the system.

The piston is too close to the end cap and even hits the end cap.

This will cause damage to the piston and the piston seal.

under these circumstances.

The sound of the piston hitting the end cap can often be heard.

For airbag accumulators.

Excessive inflation pressure will push the airbag into the poppet.

This will cause fatigue damage to the poppet assembly and damage to the airbag.

Excessive inflation pressure is the most common cause of airbag damage.

Low inflation pressure and increased system pressure do not increase accordingly.

The charging pressure will also accelerate the damage of the accumulator.

For piston accumulators.

If the inflation pressure is zero.

The gas pushes the piston onto the end cap.

There will also be impact.

For airbag accumulators.

If the inflation pressure is zero or too low.

The airbag will be damaged by being squeezed into the inflation valve.

Generally speaking.

This improper inflation pressure will cause less damage to the piston accumulator.

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