Overview of bladder accumulator

The accumulator is compose of capsule and shell (divided into two chambers of gas and liquid). The capsule is fill with nitrogen. And the chamber composed of the capsule and the shell is filled with hydraulic oil. When the hydraulic oil enters the accumulator shell. The gas volume in the capsule decreases with the increase of pressure, so that the hydraulic oil can be story. If the hydraulic system needs to add hydraulic oil, the accumulator will discharge the hydraulic oil to supplement under the promotion of gas expansion pressure, so as to stabilize the pressure and make up the leakage. Figure 3-7 shows the structure and shape of the capsule accumulator. Its working principle is show in Figure 3-8.

Main features: compared with other forms of accumulator, it has the characteristics of oil-gas isolation, oil not easy to aging, sensitive response, small size and light weight. In the hydraulic system, it can store energy, stabilize pressure reduction, reduce hydraulic pump power, compensate leakage, absorb impact pressure and pulsation pressure and so on.

Connection with pipeline: threaded connection and flange connection. Fixing method: fastening ring and support seat. Installation method: vertical installation. Operating temperature: – 10 ~ 70 ℃. Filling gas: nitrogen. Working medium: petroleum based hydraulic. The accumulator is connected with the pipeline through the transition joint.

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