Piston accumulator

Piston accumulator is a diaphragm type hydraulic energy storage device.

It can used to stabilize the pressure and eliminate the pulsation impact of pressure in the oil circuit system. It can also used as a hydraulic storage and supply device. The accumulator can release the working oil in a short time to supplement the insufficient oil supply of the pump and unload the pump periodically. The accumulator has the advantages of long service life, oil-gas isolation, and oil is not easy to oxidize. The disadvantage is that there is slight friction loss on the piston.

The viscosity of working oil used for components is 10 ~ 100cst, and ISO vg46 hydraulic oil is recommend. The normal oil temperature is in the range of 10 ~ 60 ° C. When the oil temperature is low, the oil with low viscosity can selected. Regularly check the performance of the oil and replace it.

The accumulator shall installed vertically, with the air valve end upward and away from the heat source.

The accumulator must firmly fixed, and welding on the body is not allowed.

It shall filled with inert gas, such as nitrogen. Do not fill with oxygen, compressed air or other flammable gases.

Charge nitrogen after the accumulator is ready I to installed. When inflating, open the valve as slowly as possible to push the piston to the end. If there is no abnormality, make the inflation pressure reach 80% – 85% of the minimum service pressure of the hydraulic system, and check whether there is air leakage.

After the accumulator is inflat, all parts must not disassembled or loosen to avoid danger.

If the accumulator cover needs to disassembl, the gas must be discharged first, and it can carried out only after it is certain that there is no air pressure.

The filtering accuracy of the system shall not be less than 80 μ m。

When moving and handling, the gas must exhausted.

It should checked once a week after the initial inflation and once a month thereafter.

After 3 ~ 6 months of use, remove the end cover, take out the piston, and check whether the O-ring and other seals on the piston are damag. If damaged, replace them in time to ensure the sealing performance.

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