Structural characteristics of bladder type accumulators

The bladder type accumulator is composed of a steel shell, an air valve, a capsule, and a liquid interface of a one-way valve.

1. Shell: Usually, the main body of the bladder type accumulator is mainly made of chromium molybdenum steel or carbon steel, and the design and manufacturing of the shell should comply with relevant industry regulations.

2. Capsules: This is a very important part of bladder type accumulators. Currently, there are many formulations of capsules available on the market, and different formulations are suitable for different working media and temperature requirements.

3. Oil valve: It is generally made of high-strength alloy steel, which can ensure that it can withstand the corrosion of injection locking medium during use.

4. Mushroom valve: It generally appears in high interest systems and can effectively prevent the capsule of the accumulator from squeezing out the liquid interface, allowing the liquid to flow automatically.

5. Air valve: Its main function is to inflate the accumulator, so it is needed for every bladder accumulator.


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matters needing attention:

(1)Do not use welding, crimping, or mechanical processing methods to fix the accumulator.

(2) The accumulator must not be filled with oxygen or air. Nitrogen or other IW gas must be filled.

(3) When storing energy, the inflation pressure should be lower than 90% (60-80%) of the minimum working pressure of the hydraulic system.

(4) After the installation of the accumulator, the interface should be checked for air and oil leakage.

(5) After setting the accumulator, the air pressure should be checked according to the specified period.

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