UPVC pulsation damper, buffer, equalizer, DAM series

  1. Product overview
    Pulsation damper is a common component to eliminate pipeline pulsation, and it is a must-equipped accessory for metering pumps. The DAM series airbag pulsation damper can smooth the pipeline pulsation caused by the plunger pump, diaphragm pump and other displacement pumps and eliminate the water hammer phenomenon of the system. The change of the chamber volume smoothes the pulsation of the pipeline, and stores and releases the energy of the pressurized liquid. This series of products are widely used in industries such as chemical industry, water treatment, food and beverage, electric power, papermaking, textile and fluid machinery.
  2. Main functions
  3. Eliminate the harm of water hammer to the system.
  4. Reduce the peak value of flow rate fluctuations.
  5. Reduce the impact of pressure fluctuations on pipelines, elbows, and joints.
  6. Absorb the pulsation of the pump, create a good working environment for it and improve the working performance of the pump.
  7. It can be used in conjunction with a back pressure valve to make the pressure fluctuation of the pipeline close to zero.
  8. Emergency or fast storage of energy to reduce system energy consumption.
  9. As an auxiliary energy source, it allows the system to select a slightly smaller pump type and use a smaller pipe diameter to reduce costs.
  10. As volume compensation and pressure compensation components in the system.

Three, working principle
The airbag pulsation damper is a device specially designed to accumulate the pressurized liquid to achieve smooth pulsation effect. Liquid is incompressible, and the compressibility of gas is used to store and release energy. The retractable capsule is installed in the damper shell, and the inert gas is filled into the capsule through a special inflation valve, and the gas expands to fill the entire volume of the damper shell.
When the pipeline pressure is greater than the pre-inflated body pressure, the liquid enters the damper, the capsule is compressed, and the gas volume is reduced. When the gas pressure and the liquid pressure are balanced, the amount of change in the gas volume is the effective volume available for work.

1、Shell material:UPVC

Modeldesign pressureVolumeDimensions(mm)Dimensions(mm)External connectionPrecharge pressureOperating temperature


  1. The diaphragm materials of the above models are all fluorine rubber.
  2. Temperature range: PVC type, ≤50℃; stainless steel type, ≤90℃
  3. Pressure gauge: optional.

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