Maximum preload: 210 Bar
Body: made in painted carbon steel
Working temperature: from -20ºC to +90ºC
Compression ratio: recommended: P2/P0=2.5; maximum: P2/P0=6
According to: 97/23/CE-PED; 94/9/CE-ATEX Group II Cat 2; GOST-R; SELO-CSEI.
Standard nitrogen valve: 5/8” UNF
Standard nitrogen preload: 150 bar
Ex: for a nitrogen preload of
10 bar:
Max.pressure in the int.:<=60 bar, and 25 bar
Nitrogen load valve thread: 5/8″ UNF

Part nº R1Max. flow (l/min) Max.  
Nitrogen vol. (l)Image nºABCD
HST 2.3M18*1.5 553072.3234016522138

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