Standard accumulator leather bag NXQ1.6L 2.5L 4L 6.3L 10L 16L 25L 40L 63L 80L

Accumulator capsules, also known as accumulator capsules, are an important part of the capsule-type accumulator, usually made ofrubber, flexible, used to store inert gases after compression.

Generally speaking, the capsule will be injected with a certainpressure of nitrogen, in the capsule is filled with hydraulic oil, the capsule will be squeezed with the hydraulic oildeformation, thus compressing nitrogen to store energy, or release energy. The accumulator top generally uses the big mouthstructure, is in order to be more advantageous to the capsule replacement.

Warranty1 Year
TypeHydraulic Accumulators
Brand NameZP
Place of OriginHebei, China
Air nozzle length44

The Zhulu Hydraulic NXQ Accumulator Capsule complies with HG2331-92 and ASME standards, and has characteristics of oil resistance, acid and alkali resistance, bending resistance, small deformation, and high strength. The working range is between -10-+70.

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