Model NumberGas Capacity Gas CapacityFluid Capacity Fluid CapacityDry Weight Dry WeightDimension A Dimension ADimension B
TBR50-10NMFA214235095103833515254.51384SAE-24 Standard2″NPT optional.
To specify 2″ NPT,replace “F” with “A”
Item NumberPart NumberDescriptionNumber Required
13A-285HSS Valve, Gas,5K1
2TB50-210-PCGuard, Gas Valve, 5K, Phosphate Coated1
3TB50-220Lock Nut, Adaptor, Zinc Coated1
5Not available separatelyShell, Bottom Repairable1
6BB50-*NBladder, BUNA-N1
7TB-925-NRing, Anti-Extrusion, BUNA-N1
8TB-125MRing, Backup, Stainless Steel1
9S03N50Seal, O-Ring, BUNA-N1
10SB3T50Seal, Backup, Teflon1
11TB50-975-PCSpacer, Phosphate Coated1
12TB-850-PCRing, Lock, Phosphate Coated1
13PG-CH-8Plug, Bleeder, SAE-61
14TB-950-PCOil Port Body, SAE-24, Phosphate Coated1
Opt.PG-CH-2Plug, Bleeder, 1/4″ NPTOpt.
Opt.TB-950-P-PCOil Port Body, 2″ NPT, Phosphate CoatedOpt.
15TB-705SS Lock Nut, Poppet Valve1
16TB-750SS Piston, Poppet Valve1
17TB-150SS Spring, Poppet Valve1
18TB-205SS Poppet, Oil Port Valve1
Specify bladder and seal material by selecting appropriate material code: “N” = BUNA-N, “B’ = BUTYL, “E” = EPR, “V” = FKM (Viton®)

Complete repair kits for Bottom Repairable Models — 2.5, 5, 10, 11 and 15 gallons

New Part NumberTypeTBR50-10NMFA BLADDER ACCUMULATORS - Bladder-Accumulator - 2Old Part Number
BK50-*VFKM (Viton®)RB50-*ET
* Denotes insertion point for unit volume designation, i.e., 2.5 = 2.5 gallon volume.
Repair kit includes; (1) Bladder, (1) Gas Valve & O-Ring, (2) Oil Port Body O-Ring, and (2) O-Ring Backup and (1) Anti-extrusion Ring.

Maximum working pressure  5,000 psi (345 bar)

Maximum proof pressure  7,500 psi (517 bar)     

Minimum burst pressure  20,000 psi (1,379 bar)

Operating temperature (BUNA/Nitrile)

–20° to +200°F (–28° to 93°C)

Bladder for petroleum base oil. Shell ASME “U” stamped.

Appendix 22 MAWP 6,600 psi (455 bar).

Interchangable with most other brands.

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