Purpose of accumulator

Accumulator is an energy storage device in hydraulic system.

It has important applications in many aspects.

There are two uses of the accumulator:

① When moving at low speed, the flow required by the load is less than that of the hydraulic pump.

Excess flow from the hydraulic pump is stored in the accumulator.

When the load demand flow is greater than the hydraulic pump flow.

The liquid is discharged from the accumulator.

To make up for the insufficient flow of the hydraulic pump.

② When it is shut down but still needs to maintain a certain pressure.

The hydraulic pump can be stopped and the accumulator compensates for the leakage of the system.

To maintain system pressure.

The accumulator can also be used to absorb the pressure pulsation of the hydraulic pump.

Or absorb the hydraulic shock pressure generated in the system.

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