Reasons for Severe Pressure Drop and Shortened Service Life of Leather Bag Accumulators

There are several reasons why leather bag accumulators may experience severe pressure drop and shortened service life. Here are some possible causes:

Leather degradation: Over time, the leather material used in the bag accumulator can degrade due to exposure to harsh environmental conditions, including temperature variations, moisture, and chemicals. This degradation can lead to cracks, leaks, and reduced elasticity, resulting in pressure loss and a shorter service life.

Fluid contamination: Contamination of the hydraulic fluid with dirt, debris, or other foreign particles can cause damage to the leather bag. When these contaminants enter the accumulator, they can wear down the bag’s internal surfaces, leading to leaks and reduced performance.

Overpressure: Subjecting the accumulator to pressures higher than its recommended operating range can put excessive stress on the leather bag. This can cause the bag to stretch beyond its limits, leading to deformation, loss of elasticity, and ultimately failure.

Mechanical damage: Accidental impact, improper handling, or installation can cause physical damage to the leather bag accumulator. Sharp objects or rough surfaces can puncture or tear the bag, resulting in leaks and pressure loss.

Improper maintenance: Inadequate maintenance practices, such as neglecting regular inspections, failing to replace worn-out components, or improper fluid changes, can contribute to the deterioration of leather bag accumulators. Lack of maintenance increases the likelihood of issues going undetected and can accelerate their progression.

Age and usage: Leather bag accumulators have a limited service life, which can vary depending on the quality of the material, operating conditions, and usage. Over time, the repeated cycles of pressurization and depressurization, combined with aging, can cause the leather to lose its elasticity and become less resistant to pressure changes.

To ensure the longevity and proper functioning of leather bag accumulators, it is crucial to follow manufacturer guidelines, conduct regular inspections, perform fluid analysis, maintain proper fluid cleanliness, and replace worn-out components as recommended.