Solutions to poor flow stability of bladder accumulator

Accumulator inoperative

This is mainly due to serious air leakage of the air valve, no nitrogen in the skin bag or skin damage of the skin bag, resulting in oil inlet. When P0 > P2, that is, the working pressure is too low, it can also cause the accumulator to lose its due energy storage function. In order to give full play to the good absorption of pulsating pressure by the accumulator, the distance of each connecting pipe at the branch point of the main pipeline should be short, the diameter should be large, and it should be close to the pulsation source as far as possible, otherwise it will lead to large pressure pulsation and affect the role of energy storage.

The stability of the flow released from the accumulator is poor

For the accumulator. The instantaneous flow of charging and discharging liquid belongs to variable. When it is in a large capacity. And Δ When the P = P2 PL range is relatively large, in order to obtain a relatively constant and relatively large instantaneous flow, the following measures can be taken to improve it.

① A flow control device can be added between the accumulator and the actuator.

② Several small capacity bladder accumulators are used in parallel to replace one large capacity accumulator. Different charging pressures can be used between several small capacity accumulators.

③ Working pressure range Δ P should be minimized, or the structural capacity of the accumulator can be appropriately increased.

④ During the whole working cycle. The liquid filling time should be reasonably arranged to ensure sufficient liquid filling time. Avoid internal leakage of the system during liquid filling. And ensure that the pressure can reach P2 during liquid filling.

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