The accumulator manufacturer teaches you how to select products

At present, there are many accumulator manufacturers in the market and a wide range of products. Therefore, many customers don’t know how to buy, which brand is good and which model is suitable. They don’t know from which aspect to discuss with the seller. Here, I will solve the problems for you from the use purpose and conditions of the accumulator.

1、 What is the use of accumulators for

  1. Suspension system of vehicle
  2. Buffer the pulsation of piston pump, etc
  3. Accumulated pressure and power compensation (energy saving)
  4. Absorb water hammer and fluctuating impact pressure (impact buffer)
  5. Temperature change compensation of hydraulic circuit
  6. Leakage compensation and pressure compensation of hydraulic circuit

2、 What are the service conditions

  1. The necessary discharge of fluid.
  2. Type of fluid is used.
  3. The operating frequency?
  4. The maximum and minimum working pressure?
  5. The maximum and minimum operating temperatures?
  6. The specification of the pump? (pulsation buffering occasion)
  7. What is the discharge time (maximum discharge speed) and accumulation time of the fluid?
  8. What is the specification of fluid pipeline? (occasion of shock buffer and temperature change compensation)

3、 Where to use the accumulator

  1. Where is the place of use? At home or abroad?
  2. Outdoors or indoors?
  3. Corrosive environment?
  4. Convenient place for maintenance?
  5. What are the restrictions on setting up the site?
  6. Is the equipment subject to regulations other than the high pressure gas security law?

If you know each of the above questions like the back of your hand, you can safely choose.

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