The application of energy storage devices in shield tunneling machines

Shield tunneling machine is a mechanical equipment used for underground tunnel excavation, usually composed of multiple components, among which the accumulator is one of the important components. The main function of an accumulator in a shield tunneling machine is to provide power energy.

The working principle of a shield tunneling machine is to push the head of the machine through the propulsion mechanism, which requires a large amount of power energy during the propulsion process, which is stored through an energy accumulator. When the head of the shield machine encounters an obstacle, greater power is needed to overcome the resistance. At this time, the accumulator will release the previously stored power energy, providing sufficient power for the shield machine to overcome the obstacle.

In addition, the accumulator can also serve as an emergency power source in the hydraulic system of shield tunneling machines. When the power supply suddenly loses power or the pump malfunctions, causing the oil supply to stop, for safety reasons, it is necessary not to stop the oil supply. At this time, the accumulator can provide emergency pressure oil to ensure the normal operation of the hydraulic system. For example, in the AVN2440DS shield tunneling machine, the accumulator is equipped with a ball valve control valve in the hydraulic system. When the power supply suddenly loses power, the accumulator will replenish oil to the ball valve control valve, driving the ball valves in the inlet and outlet pipelines and flushing pipelines to close, and the bypass valve to open, thereby achieving internal circulation of mud.

In summary, the accumulator plays an important role in shield tunneling machines, not only providing continuous power support for the machine, but also ensuring the normal operation of the hydraulic system in emergency situations.