The function of an accumulator

  1. Accumulated energy

Accumulators are widely used as auxiliary energy sources. The system that uses the pressure oil discharged from the accumulator to make the cylinder work can achieve miniaturization of the pump, shorten the cycle, and save energy.

Application Scenario

Hydraulic press, injection molding machine, die-casting machine, automotive brake system, excavator vibration testing machine, substation circuit breaker, water supply equipment, household pumps, iron making, electrical, chemical complete sets of equipment, and various other marine engines

  1. Pulse buffering

The pressure fluid expelled from the pump will produce pulsation under any circumstances. Pulsation can cause noise and vibration, making the equipment unable to work stably or causing equipment damage. By using an accumulator, pulsation can be reduced.

Application Scenario

Machine tool construction machinery circuit breaker concrete pressure conveyor hydraulic elevator power spray water purification device rust removal equipment

  1. Absorb shock

In the fluid circuit, if the valve is closed too quickly or there is a sharp change in load, it will generate impact pressure on the piping, resulting in noise or damage to the piping equipment. By using an accumulator, impact can be mitigated.

Application Scenario

Waterway piping, injection fuel supply device, mud and water pressure transmission device, various pipelines

  1. Thermal expansion supplement

In a closed circuit, the change in liquid volume caused by temperature changes can cause an increase or decrease in internal pressure. By using an accumulator, pressure fluctuations can be alleviated.

Application Scenario

Boiler pressure water heater centralized heating and fire extinguishing equipment

  1. Suspension system

Using an accumulator as a suspension system can compact systems that require large loads compared to metal springs.

Application Scenario

Automobile suspension, engineering machinery, vehicle suspension, agricultural machinery, coal mill, cement mill, cone crusher

  1. Balance effect

The accumulator can be used as a counting balancer. By using an accumulator, a good balance can be formed between the weight or impact of the product or machinery and the gas pressure.

Application Scenario

Large lifting equipment, large machine tools, large hydraulic forming machines

  1. Supplement leakage

In pressure control circuits and pressure maintenance operations, an accumulator is used to compensate for the pressure reduction caused by internal leakage, thereby maintaining pressure.

Application Scenario

All other hydraulic equipment of the clamping device