The Use of Accumulators (1)

The NXQ series bladder type accumulator is an important hydraulic accessory in hydraulic systems. It has functions such as saving energy to stabilize pressure, absorbing pressure pulsations, mitigating pressure shocks, and recovering energy. The working medium is generally nitrogen and hydraulic oil or emulsion. For special media, please consult distributor bladder accumulator.

Oil is actually incompressible, so it cannot accumulate pressure energy. The bladder type accumulator works by utilizing the compressibility of gas (nitrogen) to accumulate pressure liquid (i.e. using nitrogen as the compression medium). The bladder accumulator consists of an oil part and a capsule with an airtight isolation element (filled with nitrogen gas), and the oil around the capsule is connected to the hydraulic circuit. When the pressure rises, the oil enters the bladder accumulator and the gas is compressed, while the pressure oil is stored; When the pressure drops, compressed gas expands and hydraulic oil enters the circuit, compensating for system energy.

1、 Energy storage: The accumulator can store a certain volume of pressure oil and release it when needed for use in hydraulic systems bladder accumulator deutsch.

(1) Improving the speed of hydraulic cylinder movement: When the hydraulic cylinder is moving at a slow speed, it requires less flow rate. A small hydraulic pump can be used to supply oil, and the excess pressure oil output by the hydraulic pump can be stored in the accumulator. When the hydraulic cylinder moves rapidly, a large flow rate is required, and the system pressure is low. Therefore, the accumulator discharges the pressure oil and supplies it to the hydraulic cylinder at the same time as the pressure oil output by the hydraulic pump, causing the hydraulic cylinder to move quickly. When the hydraulic cylinder moves rapidly, due to the involvement of the accumulator in oil supply, it is not necessary to use a hydraulic pump with a large flow rate. This not only reduces the consumption of electric motor power, but also lowers the oil temperature of the hydraulic system.

(2) Emergency energy source: In case of sudden power outage, valve or pump failure of hydraulic devices during operation, the accumulator can serve as an emergency energy source to supply hydraulic system oil or maintain system pressure, or complete a certain action to avoid bladder accumulator epe

Accidents caused by sudden interruption of oil supply during power outage, resulting in damage to machinery components. (3) Realizing pump stop and pressure maintenance (maintaining constant pressure): Used in the pump stop and pressure maintenance circuit of the clamping device of a press or machine tool. When the hydraulic cylinder is clamped, the system pressure rises and the accumulator is filled with liquid; When the pressure relay reaches the opening pressure, a signal is sent to stop the hydraulic pump from rotating. At this time, the pressure of the clamping hydraulic cylinder is maintained by the pressure oil of the accumulator, thereby reducing the power consumption of the hydraulic system and reducing the temperature rise of the hydraulic system. When there is a leak in the hydraulic system, the accumulator replenishes the oil supply to the system, which is commonly used in situations where the actuator does not move for a long time and the system pressure is required to be constant,