What is the inflation method of a bladder accumulator?(一)

In many situations, in order to store fluid energy, people will use bag type accumulators. Although this type of energy storage device is common, its use is not simple. To ensure its normal operation and performance, the correct inflation method is crucial. This article will explore specific inflation methods and their principles to help users better understand and use them.

  1. Selection of inflation medium:

Principle: The inflation medium is usually nitrogen gas. The choice of nitrogen is because it has good chemical stability, is not easily reactive with liquids, and can provide stable pressure within a certain range.

Operation steps: Use high-purity nitrogen gas for inflation to ensure that it does not contain impurities, in order to prevent oxidation corrosion and other adverse reactions inside the energy storage equipment.

  1. Determination of inflation pressure:

Principle: Inflation pressure is an important parameter for the normal operation of energy storage equipment. The selection of inflation pressure should consider the working pressure of the system, environmental temperature, and the design requirements of the energy storage equipment.

Operation steps: Determine the appropriate inflation pressure based on the design specifications and application requirements of the energy storage equipment. Excessive or insufficient inflation pressure can affect the performance and lifespan of energy storage equipment.

  1. Selection and adjustment of inflation valve:

Principle: The inflation valve is a device used to control the charging and discharging of nitrogen. A suitable inflation valve can ensure the accuracy and safety of inflation.

Operation steps: Select a high-quality and reliable inflation valve suitable for bag type accumulators. During the inflation process, adjust the inflation valve to ensure that the inflation pressure and speed meet the requirements.