What should be noticed in periodic inspection of piston accumulator?

The following five points should paid attention to in the periodic inspection of piston accumulator:

  1. As an emergency power source, the accumulator must regularly inspect and maintained to ensure that it is in good condition and safe;
  2. The air tightness of the airbag must check regularly. The general regulations are: the accumulator use in the initial stage shall inspect once in the first week, once in the first month, and once a year in the future;
  3. When the inflation pressure of the accumulator is lower than the specified value. It must inflat in time to ensure that it is often in the best working state;
  4. When the accumulator does not work, first check the air tightness of the air valve. If you are discouraged. You should replenish air; If the air valve leaks oil, check whether the air bag damag; If it is the oil drain valve, it is necessary to disassemble and replace the relevant parts;
  5. Before inflating the airbag piston accumulator, fill a little hydraulic oil from the oil port to realize airbag lubrication.