What should be paid attention to in the installation of bladder accumulator?

Before installing the bladder accumulator, relevant inspection shall do:

  1. Whether all parts of the accumulator are complete and damaged;
  2. Whether it meets the use specifications;
  3. Whether the valve cap at the air valve is tighten and whether the pressure oil inlet block firmly.

There are also the following precautions during installation:

  1. The first is the installation position, and finally select a relatively open place to facilitate the usual inspection and maintenance;
  2. In order to ensure the safe use of the accumulator. The accumulator is generally firmly support on the bracket or foundation. And the inclin or horizontal installation method is not adopt;
  3. When the accumulator use to buffer and absorb pulsation. It should install as close to the vibration source as possible;
  4. In order to prevent the pressure oil stored in the accumulator from flowing back. A check valve needs to install between the accumulator and the hydraulic pump;
  5. It should also note that welding, riveting and machining are not allow on the accumulator. Which will reduce the service life of the product.

Finally, after installing the bladder accumulator, it is necessary to check it again, conduct trial operation and make relevant records. If there are no problems above, it can be put into use.

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